1. A belief that he/she can make a difference working with others as part of the Council.
  2. Has a genuine concern for the quality of life of all residents of Western Maryland.
  3. Willingness to actively participate in the RC&D program.
  4. Serves on a minimum of one standing committee or as a member of the Executive Board.
  5. Strives for 100% attendance at Council meetings and is an active participant at RC&D meetings and functions.
  6. Can put aside their personal concerns for their own particular community to think and act for the overall good of the entire Western Maryland Region.
  7. Is willing to seek other qualified individuals to become Council members to ensure achievement of our mission and goals.
  8. Has a good understanding of the RC&D program and shows visible support for the RC&D in the community.
  9. Willingness to develop and utilize personal leadership skills to promote and share the RC&D program and projects throughout the Western Maryland area.
  10. Has a positive “can do” attitude!